hyapur® The new hyaluronic algae serums


The hyapur® hyaluronic algae series is the new innovative facial care series from hyapur®.

The unique combination of hyaluronic acid and algae is totally new and available exclusively from hyapur® in this form to date.

Algae are the new supermaterial of the 21st century, and hyaluronic acid has been garnering growing acclaim in many cosmetic fields since 2008.

These serums, which can be applied anywhere, provide special care for your skin’s specific requirements.

BLUE SERUM Blue alga | Aphanizomenon flos-aqaue

with hyaluronic acid and blue-alga extract.

The serum with blue alga gives stressed and tired skin a suppler, tauter shine. It increases cell differentiation and cell proliferation, thus enhancing regeneration of the skin.
The result is regenerated, tautened, and supple skin.

YELLOW SERUM Yellow alga | Porphyra umbilicalis

with hyaluronic acid and yellow-alga extract.
The serum with yellow alga protects the skin against light-induced aging, as UV radiation is converted into harmless thermal radiation.
The result is improved protection against UV radiation.

GREEN SERUM Green alga | Chlorella vulgaris

Porcelain skin effect
with hyaluronic acid and green-alga extract.
The serum with green alga invigorates the tired eye area and can reduce dark and swollen bags under the eyes. It helps the skin structure cope with everyday stress and counters skin imperfections and pigment disorders.
The result is even, taut, fresh-looking skin.

NUDE SERUM Brown alga | Undaria pinnatifida

Cell activation
with hyaluronic acid and brown-alga extract.
The serum with brown alga boosts the structure of the extracellular matrix by activating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen.
The result is strengthened connective tissue and protection against negative environmental effects.

RED SERUM Red alga | Furcellaria lumbrilicalis

with hyaluronic acid and red-alga extract.
The serum with red alga stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis, which allows the skin to bind moisture more effectively. The resultant increase in skin moisture counters sunken skin. Refreshing and moisture-boosting, it is the thirst-quencher for the skin.
The result is that the skin looks healthier, firmer, and fresher.

Scientific studies and efficacy tests confirm the described properties of the algae used in our serums.

The serums are unisex products, skin-friendly, and dermatologically tested, and can be combined with other facial care products with outstanding results.

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